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Gyanti Mask Company Profile

Gyanti Mask, a subsidiary of Gyanti MultiServices Pvt. Ltd, is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of top quality KN95 and N95 Masks made with quality materials. Our whole range of masks have a great demand in several clinics, hospitals, health centers, and nursing homes for perfect fit, shrink resistant and easy to decompose properties.

We have built world-class infrastructure stretched over vast acres. In order to conduct a lot of processes efficiently, our manufacturing process is split into several units. We are proud to have diligent professionals who manage every unit with their experience. Our quality control department tests end products on several parameters set to ensure the delivery of right range to doorsteps of clients in the given time period. We have built a great client base thanks to the active distribution network pan India.

Our Team

We are proud to have a team of hardworking and diligent professionals who are very valuable for our company. Our management team has hired these professionals after a strict process on the grounds of their knowledge and experience. Our team understands the actual needs of clients and works accordingly to come up with the best solution. In addition, our staff stays abreast with operational and handling requirements for our cutting-edge machines. We also conduct training sessions along with it at regular intervals to stay ahead with latest technological advances. We have built a strong presence in the market thanks to their support and expertise. Our team consists of –

  • Quality Analyst
  • Warehousing professionals
  • Skilled workers
  • Procurement agents
  • Sales and marketing professionals


Our manufacturing units have been spread over vast acres of lands and it is segregated to conduct several activities in an organized and efficient way. We are well regarded to have quality testing labs equipped with modern techniques to ensure offering defect-free products. We have introduced an efficient warehousing unit to store the finished products. Our infrastructure is split into these units –

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Testing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Packaging and Warehousing

Quality Assurance

We strive to offer a huge range of N95 masks to our clients. These masks are made with top quality materials sourced from our reliable vendors. They are made with technically advanced machineries and latest technology according to quality standards. In addition, our final range goes through several quality checks to ensure defect-free ranges.

About N95 Masks

N95 Masks are specially developed for industrial applications that filter out up to 95% of particles that are over 0.3 microns. You can also choose from N99 and N100 masks (which prevent up to 99.97% particles). Our surgical masks are approved by NIOSH and FDA. Our N95 masks are available in different shapes that are helpful for healthcare workers. Some N95 masks are also made for the healthcare industry. Medical N95 masks are class II respirators made under FDA approval.

How N95 Masks Work?

These masks simply filter out particles with structure of non-woven material. Particles have to make turns to get past the dense fibers which are thinner than a single micron. So, these particles are easily trapped inside. They also attract particles with electro-statistically charged materials. The mask becomes even more efficient whenever particles build up. However, the mask becomes even harder to breathe through over time. So, filters and masks are disposable.

How are N95 Masks Made?

Air-supplying and air-filtering are two basic types of respirators. N95 and other air-filtering respirators prevent bacteria, contaminants, and other particles from entering your mouth and nose. These masks supply clean air to the user from uncontaminated sources. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, there is high demand for N95 masks in the healthcare industry to treat Coronavirus infected patients. This is why Gyanti Mask has been manufacturing N95 Masks on a large scale.

N-95 Masks are made with 5 layers –
  • 90gsm virgin nonwoven
  • 30 GSM filter sponge
  • 25gsm meltblown
  • 25gsm meltblown
  • 25gsm pro muscle nonwoven
  • PVC nose pin (3-5mm, thickness 0.5-01mm)
  • Ear Band 5-8mm, thickness 1.2mm

Keep in mind that there is a difference between surgical masks and surgical respirators. Masks serve as barriers to moisture from a cough or sneeze and they fit loosely. On the other side, respirators filter out airborne particles like bacteria and viruses to protect your nose and mouth. When patients have viral infections, presence of gas, vapor or particles, respirators are used. Surgical masks are also different from procedural masks, which are used in hospital settings like maternity and intensive care units. But they shouldn’t be used in the operation room and other sterile environments.

About Gyanti Biodiesel

Gyanti Biodiesel is the leading biodiesel manufacturer and supplier in India. Our biofuel is compatible with most engines and can improve the quality of fuel. Gyanti Biodiesel is the first eco-oxygen additive to improve the lubrication three times which stays with the engine and improves its lifespan.

Gyanti is originally a biodiesel manufacturer and supplier which has started its own unit to manufacture N95 masks by considering the needs to fight COVID-19 and help the nation.